Formula Drift brought its circuit to Palm Beach, FL for the first time this weekend  for round 3 “Invasion”.  Along with Formula Drift, our own Fatlace brought the Slammed Society event showcasing some of Florida’s best show cars.  If you couldn’t find anything to do at this event, you don’t have a pulse.  Get tired of looking at cars sitting still? Got it, head over and watch the nations best drift stars in action. Get tired of sitting in the heat watching drifting? Got it, go check out the Slammed Society car show.  Getting bored with those two? Got it again, go hit the manufacturers midway and look at beautiful parts and beautiful women.  Getting tired of those three? I’m not a doctor, but something is clearly wrong with you.  Ok, buckle up, here we go…

Results:  1st Justin Pawlak  (Falken Tires Mustang GT)

2nd Vaughn Gittin  (Monster Energy Mustang GT)

3rd Darren Mcnamara (Falken Tires Saturn Sky)