What are the four elements of hip hop?  If you don’t already know it’s graffiti, the DJ, the emcee and the B-boy.  And my weekend had ’em all.

Living in the Bay we are lucky to be exposed to the best.  And last Saturday I went to a special benefit commemorating the 35th anniversary of the I-Hotel eviction.  This intimate setting, with only about 50 people in attendance, included a discussion, Q&A and scratch session with world renowned, highly awarded, legendary scratch master DJ Qbert.  He talked about how he started, showed personal pictures growing up in the 80s and 90s, early local DJ battles (IMAGINE anyone?), world DJ battles, becoming one of only two DJs in history to be Knighted by the Grand Masters of Hip Hop (the other being the late great Roc Raida of the X-Ecutioners) and now adding inventor to this extensive list, designing mixers and needles, Qbert’s sought after stamp of approval is THE blueprint for turntablism.  Amazing.

I also rolled thru the Sisterz of the Underground 10 year anniversary party featuring nothing but lady love in the Bay.  This event included an art gallery hosted by Femme Cartel, a B-girl battle and a dope DJ sesh by La Femme Deadly Venoms which you can hear and see here.

And last but not least, gotta shot out my girl, my best friend, my oldest, longest, sister from another mister…going on 30+ years of camaraderie.  Happy birthday Claire!!!

Pics of how it goes in the Bay…below.


 DJ Qbert at the 35th Anniversary of the I-Hotel eviction.

Nate 1 MPC canvas…

…signed by Qbert.

Sisterz of the Underground 10 Year Anniversary Party

More homegirl…

than housewife.


Joanne Ludwig

Maria Fatima Urbi

Four Elements





La Femme Deadly Venoms

Dinner at The House.  Happy birthday best!!!

This beautiful place I call home.  Dusk…in the City.

And back to the East Bay I go.

Till the next episode…