Fox Racing has introduced two limited edition Star Wars helmets, with a third release to drop prior to Star Wars: Rogue One. Representing the light side is an R2-D2 helmet, with details that match the popular droid including Artoo’s radar eye, access panels, and holoprojector.


For the dark side, the infamous Boba Fett, gets the nod with a battle-worn Mandalorian armor. The helmet features his signature color scheme and detailed battle damage.


The helmets are available in two models: Fox Racing’s premier V3 and the entry level V1 youth helmet. The helmets come in a special hard box and are numbered with a unique serial number and certificate of authenticity. The Fox Racing V3 R2-D2 Helmet and V3 Boba Fett Helmet are priced at $1000 with the V1 Youth versions priced at $200.