Very rarely do you find a car which blends both function and form seamlessly. It seems that most people believe you cannot have the best of both worlds, it is something that has always divided the car community. Those who like to use their car for spirited drives and track work cannot seem to grasp the idea of building a car that lays the frame rails on the ground and is tucking almost 1/3rd of the wheel into the guard. Vice versa for the show goers not understanding the risks taken by those who track their cars.

Down here in Australia the same mind sets exist in the car scene,  however my good buddy Ty managed to combine both.  Ty’s series 8 FD RX7 is probably one of the most infamous cars from Australia, having previously been featured on a myriad of online sites. I am sure many of you have seen the photos of his FD in its final guise rolling on the mental 18″ front and 19″ staggered blood orange Volk CE28N’s.

Before I let the pictures do the talking I think a little more has to be spoken about the two main setups that Ty was running in terms of shoes for the FD. The first setup was some black 3 piece Work Meisters measuring 18″ all round with 9.5″ +8 235/40/18 up front and 10.5″ +16 in the rear. However Ty decided he wanted things to sit a little more flush so he got the rears re-barreled to 12″ +16 wrapped in 265/35/18 tyres. Giving the FD a ridiculously staunch look from behind.After rolling this setup for around 2 years, Ty decided to step things up in a big way. Selling the meisters and making way for some Volk CE28N’s. He wanted a totally different look so he went with a staggered setup with 18×9.5″ +22 front setup on 225/40/18/ Then down the back it is running 19×10.5″ +12 with a 245/35/19. The blood orange colour that the wheels were coated in set the car off amazingly and dropped jaws wherever it went

Enough talking though I will let the rest of the pics and the spec list speak for themselves.

2001 Mazda RX-7 FD3S Version 5
5 Speed Manual

FEED Afflux Sideskirts
FEED Vented Bonnet
RE-Amemiya Street Diffuser
Low Pro Rear Wing
3-Piece Front Undertray/Diffuser
Ganador Mirrors
Custom Pumped Rear Guards 30mm
Shaved Rear Wiper, Squirters and Rear Wing
Clear Side Markers
Tinted Courtesy Lights and Rear Reflectors
Black MAZDA Badges

Mazda 13B-REW
Engine Built By Ben Hunt @ Rotary Motorsport
Rebuilt using Genuine Mazda Bearings, Seals, Oil Seals, O-Rings, etc.
Primary Bridgeport and Large Exhaust Porting
2mm Unbreakable Race Seals
Trust RE10 Spark Plugs
Removed Air Pump
Pineapple Racing Idle Pulley
Polished Alternator
Polished Billet Pulleys
Mazdaspeed Polished Oil Cap
Engine Torque Damper
Custom Carbotic Plate Clutch by NPC
Chromolly Flywheel
MAZDA Counterweight
Braided Clutch Line
ECU & Ignition
HALTECH Platinum Sport 1000
HKS Twin Power DLI Ignition
Turbo & Intake
Garrett T04Z Single Turbo with 1.0 Split Pulse Exhaust Housing
HPC Coated Custom Manifold with Screamer Pipe
HPC Ceramic Coated TRUST Throttle Body Elbow
HPC Ceramic Coated Upper Inlet Manifold
HPC Ceramic Coated Lower Inlet Manifold
Tial 44mm External Wastegate
HKS Power Flow Air Filter

Fuel System
Aeromotive A1000 Fuel Pump
Aeromotive A1000 Fuel Pressure Regulator
CJ-Motorsport Primary & Secondary Fuel Rails
Custom 4L Alloy Surge Tank by ‘FABRICATION 81’ Mounted Underneath Car
Aeromotive 10 micron Fuel Filter
Aeromotive 100 micron Fuel Filter
4x Siemens 1000cc Injectors on Pump Fuel
4x Bosch 1700cc Injectors on Pulp/C16 Blend
Braided Fuel Lines and Speedflow Fitting Throughout

TRUST Front Mount Intercooler
TRUST Throttle Body Elbow
TRUST Aluminium Wide Tube Radiator
Revolution Radiator Outlet Tank
Custom Air Separator Tank by ‘FABRICATION 81’
Stant LEV-R-VENT Cap

FEED 3″ Exhaust System & Muffler with 4” Tip
SARD High-Flow Catalytic Converter
HPC Coated Custom 3.5” Dump Pipe

Suspension & Handling
Kei Office Coilover Suspension 14kg Front, 14kg Rear
Cusco 6-Point Bolt-In Rollcage
Mazda Type-R Strut Brace Front
Custom Triangulated Rigidity/Harness Bar Rear
Super Now Adjustable Tie Rod Ends
Super Now Adjustable Traction Rods
Super Now Adjustable Toe Rods
Red Calipers Front and Rear
Cusco Brake Cylinder Stopper
Project MU Brake pads Front & Rear
AP Racing Brake Fluid
Braided Brake Lines

BRIDE GIAS Low Max Carbon Kevlar Seats in Red
BRIDE LR Super Low Seat Rails
SABELT 4 Point Harnesses
Nardi 350mm Deep Corn Steering Wheel
HKB Steering Boss Kit
TRUST Grex Counter Weight Shift Knob
FIA approved Fire Extinguisher
Rear Seats, Carpet, tools and Spare Wheel removed
Body Deadener Removed and Interior Re-Sprayed

If you are chasing more pics and more Aussie car scene coverage visit: Downshiftaus