The German sporting car aftermarket and the name Eurowise have been synonymous since the North Carolina based tuning shop opened its doors back in 2009. Volkswagen, Audi, and Porsche are their bread and butter, however several other badges have made their way onto the Eurowise operating tables over the years.

Mike Ngo got things rolling at the shop and as time went on they made a name for themselves within the watercooled VW community by manufacturing the world’s first plug and play VR6 swap kit for the MK1 chassis.

Aside from producing top notch VAG parts they have really taken the Mercedes and Porsche SUV aftermarket by storm. More luxury sport utility vehicle owners are beginning to modify their rigs to accommodate overland and off-road function and the guys at Eurowise decided to turn their first generation Porsche Cayenne into a guinea pig of sorts.

The truck seen above started its life as a base spec, gen one, face lifted model in the need of a serious overhaul. You typically don’t think of the Cayenne as an adventurer style vehicle and that’s exactly what struck Mike’s creative nerve. The success they had with their Mercedes G class builds made the transition into fabricating P car lifts and accessories very linear.

The 5″ suspension lift was knocked out first in order to tackle the clearance issues that would normally be associated with a performance oriented setup and then skid plates were added to protect the fragile bits. The roof assembly consists of a modular rail and rack system that will accept a variety of attachments.

Aside from the rather OE esque cosmetic and structural modifications the truck looks relatively clean being that nothing is overdone. Beefy mud terrains, beadlock rollers, and an increase in wheel gap are all this thing needed to be more than capable off of the Tarmac. Mike and the Eurowise team are currently in an R&D phase for more parts across the product range. He hinted on Atlas and Audi Q series lifts along with current Cayenne setups as well. Until then here’s a couple more shots of their OG crawler.