It’s that time of the month again…

Goodwood Breakfast Club has come around again.  The last one, Supercar Sunday had a turn out for about 20,000 people, way too big for a breakfast club and took Goodwood by surprise but that was always going to be the case for a Supercar Themed event.

The turnout for this months “Soft Top Sunday” was way more chilled and mellow.

As always, my GT-R comes out to play a long with a few friends. We meet at my house then take a cruise to Goodwood 15 minutes away, enough to enjoy it and close enough to not weep at the fuel gauge dropping.

These breakfast clubs aren’t like your average car meet, none that i’ve ever been to anyway.  They usually consist of middle aged or mid life crisis men and women with nice cars – but they are the most interesting ones.  They have the experience and they can teach you a lot about their past history. Goodwood is filled with them and usually the case, it’s a family affair with Grandparents to kids strolling around soaking up the historic scenes and checking out various cars.

Being a soft top theme, meant soft tops and convertibles only. So how many and what kind of cars can you expect to see?  Enjoy and be sure to follow my instagram on @becauseikan for more content.

Subaru, EVO VIII MR and BNR32 GT-R.  4 wheel drive turbo’d antics.

This BMW reminds me of the James Bond film, where one gets sawn in half…

Rolls Royce, Lotus, Shelby and Aston Martin.

Morning chaps…

You won’t find no cupholders in this.

Quintessential class.

One of the main reasons I attend. For the overly priced but well needed food. For a free event, it’s only fair to buy some food.

There’s always that one guy at a show who is constantly detailing their car throughout the day. This was the guy.

But you can see why, it was mint.

The variation continues…

Couples delight

Whatsapping the missus.

Modern day

Ariel Atoms…I need one in my life.  For a car that looks like scaffolding, they are mega fun.

Caption this…

Atom love


German class.

I can see those 2 in that KTM.

Air ride.

Media or Medic?



Tubes for days.

Usually running a K20 Honda engine, Ariel shoved a V8 in this one.

Technically a soft top.

The single mums came out to play.

And the single dads.

Good on this kid.