My soul sistas were in town this past week.  These ladies are Bay grown but presently 808 livin’. And when they slide home or when I cross the ocean, it’s like we were never apart.

So when we are reunited (and it feels so good) it’s a given that alcohol is MANDATORY!  And what better place to get our wino on in the Bay than Napa!  Welcome home faves!!!

Clean whip = Happy me

But today we rollin in BFF’s ride.
And we Audi 5000…

Carneros Della Notte (again).
Put the boys to work…
…while the ladies chillax.

Apparently LPR stands for Liquid Panty Removal.  16% alcohol.
Insert jokes ____here____.

Thanks Dave!  Till we meet again!

Next stop!

Boys in one car.  Girls in the other.
Alfred Zampa Bridge
And after all that wine, I’m HELLA thirsty. haha

This joint always reminds me of cruisin’ in the Audi back in the day…already missin’ you besties!!!


Till the next episode…