So as we’re completing our buildout for the Illest Boutique in Little Tokyo, we’re able to walk around and meet the neighbors during downtime. We’ll be shooting alot of what goes on around the neighborhood and for now, meet the neighbors.

RIF. Our footwear neighbors.
If you’re itching for some rare kicks or if you just want to sell some of your rare kick, swing on thru. They guys at RIF are cool cats that stock a ton of kicks.

Pinkberry. Mmm Yogurt.
From a dream thats turned into a billion dollars. Yeah, they’re right next to us.

Bowls. Bringing the Ruckus.
These guys started the ruckus movement in LA. It’s good to see them in the neighborhood.

They sell some of your favorite brands.

Directly across the street from us is Little Tokyo center. It’s nice to know we have 2 locations, both in Japantown, LA and SF. This place is great for breakfast and early shopping at the grocery store.

Mark Arcenal

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