Took a quick trip to Hong Kong to check on production for Illest and also check out Kaws latest at the Galerie Perrotin. We shopped in between and I found Hong Kong to be very interesting. Huge buildings tower everything else, bamboo scaffolding, expensive cars all the while if you look up, you’re bound to see lots and lots of laundry air drying.

Photos taken with a Leica M8

Freeway flying. Thanks to Tim’s cousin picking us up at the airport. This was one very long tunnel.


Aape by Bathing Ape. Advertising on the highway. Nice.

Tim & Max looking for the Neighborhood Waterbottle magazine issue only in HK.

LV is Huge.

Galerie Perrotin showcasing Kaws. Very excited to go here.

Very rare photo of me.

Time next to Michelin Kaws Man.

How stoked was I? I ended up buying 3 pieces of work by Kaws (or so I thought). The three to my left along with 2 others were for sale.

In HK, just like in the Jackie Chan movies, they use Bamboo Scaffolding! I didnt think it was still being used to this day.

True story.

Below were 5 star stores.


Dickies going strong in HK and asia for that matter.


Ciao HK. and to continue the story about the Kaws painting. I received an email from them saying their partner in Paris sold the painting to someone in Paris. Most likely got outbid on the piece which kinda pissed me off but its ok. Next time.

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