A Houston veteran, Henry Tran, still loves to show his support with the local automotive scene. He is what you consider dedicated. He has been working and trying to perfect this car ever since he got it.

I remember asking him to shoot the car and he said he had one more mod before I could! He had to snipe these exhaust tips off eBay and get them on the car before I could get anywhere near it! When we finally set up a day to shoot the car, we had a perfect location picked out with an amazing day. Granted it was a bit humid, but who can complain? We had a pretty quick shoot because there were still business operating around us and people were getting annoyed because I was in the middle of the roads trying to get “that” shot.

On the outside, you would think it was any normal M35 on wheels and a drop right? Well you guessed it. Wrong. There is so much more to this car than just the fact that he’s dropped JIC-Magic TAR-VIP coilovers and not bags. Imagine the drive with this on a regular day!!!


He decided to go with the simple VIP Modular VR08’s in a custom SPF 2 tone finish with a chrome lip. Behind his wheels are his Akebon Big Brake Kit and Stoptech drilled/slotted rotors. On top of his excellent suspension set up, he has a clean custom 2010 M35/M45 sport front bumper conversion with aero side skirts, rear lip and spoiler.



His interior is fully junction produce’d out and also has a full customer fiber glass trunk set up. And then we can’t forget the small details like his Garson Rhine Stone valve stem caps and his new Eisenmann Porsche 996 Turbo exhaust tips. All his panel covers in the engine bay are custom silver carbon fiber hydro graphic dipped. The mod list seems almost endless so I’m not going to go into the specifics.



His car is definitely one of a kind here in Houston and anyone can appreciate a nicely executed vehicle. After hours of shooting and editing, this is what I ended up with. Hope you enjoyed it.

Instagram: @bigharrywang