For over 10 years now, Idlers has been hosting events all around Japan. From sprints to 12 hour endurance races, car enthusiast join and enjoy the games called Idlers. This years 12 Hour endurance was held once again at Twin Ring Motegi and it was one of the more eventful races I’ve ever been a part of. I was there for the 2012 experience and this year, like in 2012, the heat was extreme but the differences were the the crashes. They were spectacular and the thunderstorm that swept thru the 8th hour took us all by surprise. I didn’t realize how many photos I took at the race so I had to divide the post into 2 parts. So here it goes..

So for the past 3 years, Nakai, head of RWB, has been inviting his clients and RWB country leads to the idlers 12 hour race. The night before the race we are invited to visit the shop and all drive together to Motegi. Nakai & Toshi putting the final touches on the cars before they head out to the track.

They’re all dedicated street cars so theyre driven 2 hours to the track for the race.

5 RWB cars will be driven this year with 5 drivers per car.

The last 2 cars that will be racing the next morning.

This wing has grown on me tremendously. This isnt the extra tall one but the small one.

Here we are all resting at a konbini before we drive the 2 hours.

Other RWB members met us along the way.

Like Rauh Passion.

Then these Bosozoku group drove in. Lucky for us one of the leaders owned an RWB and we were then invited to join them. 2 styles sharing the same passion for the open road.

The next morning all the cars were staged for the endurance race.

Final preparations.

This 911 had a Sunburst bodykit. Check out the front fenders. Kinda cool. Sunburst used to produce bodykits for RWB.

So many cool cars in the garages. The fun part about racing is that you’re on the track with so many different cars, some fast, some slow. Heads up all the time.

There were quite a few Mini’s on the track.

Alfa’s as well..

RWB Painter Nojima drives the race every year with his Rough World team. RWB as many of you know was a drift team back in the day and Nojima is now the head.

There were other AE86’s that were on the track too. So cool to see them running super hard and lasting 12 hours!

I’m not sure what car this was but it was pretty cool and had TE37s on.

The AF IMP BMW team sporting the og Advan graphics. I believe they finished the race as well.


These Lotus’s also finished the race.

Civic EG anyone?

Porsche 997.2 Turbo with matching Race Suits.

This Porsche was very fast.

Glad to see this Baby Cobra back on the track. I saw this thing crash 2 years ago.

The owner of the Idlers Games. You can see his Porsche in the 2004 Video here.

TE37Vs. I believe this was powered by a SR20det.

AE86 with OG Bride Graphics.

They have you put all your helmets on the the car for inspection before the race.

Toshi and Nakai teaching the new comers the proper etiquette on the track.

Know the rules your race will be much easier.

Next post will be the cars on the grid and the events that happened during the race. Ill have this up tomorrow.

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