Here’s part deux of the Idlers 12 hour endurance race which I was blessed to be a part of. Part 1 can be seen here. Onto the starting grid. I dont have many photos of the race itself since I didnt have my Canon 6D or 5Dmk2 but as you scroll down you’ll see some of the accidents that did happen during the race.

Ill start it off with this 996 with a JT Mode front bumper and rear ducktail. Nice looking with the work wheels. I believe this car also finished the race.

Lovers Rough aka #69 for the day. This was the last day we would see this car in its pristine condition. It suffered one of the more tragic accidents of the day. Scroll down to see what I’m talking about.

So cool to see so many people, styles, makes and models.

Posing with the team. I decided not to put my racing suit on at 7am since my turn didnt happen til about 130pm. It was extremely hot in the morning til around the 3pm when the thunderstorms and lightning decided to show up.

This speedster was not only pretty to look at but was very fast on the track.

Adriana also suffered a retirement. This was the first year any RWB cars have retired from a race. Things happen in 3’s so there was 1 more. Here’s some of the RWB family posing before the 8am start of the race.

This is Charlene. I was assigned to this car alongside Toshi, Yoko (who is an extremely fast driver) and a few other Japanese customers from RWB.

The frontside of Charlene. This is 1 of 2 cars that made it to the end of the race.

I’m not sure how to pronounce this but it unfortunately didnt make it to the end. During the thunderstorm the water entered the car, possibly from the window and fried the electricals.

Other Porsches in the event.

Loved this Gulf Inspired long nose 911.

Lotus 7. I didnt see this at the end of the race but it looked like a blast to drive.

The founder of idlers. This I believe took 2nd place.

#23 was a Porsche 997.2 Turbo. Had a huge team and it also finished the race. I”m not sure what place but it did good.

Pink S2000 that stopped racing during the rain. It rained extremely hard for about an hour. I too would have stopped due to messing up the electricals under the seat.


AFimp’s BMW. These drivers were equipt with cool suits. LUCKY!!!

Prepared with pit wall timing.

OH YES. The Bride AE86 Levin Coupe. Super clean and classic styling.

Front Side. Levin.

The #124 Lotus finished the race.

As did Nojima’s Rough World AE86

You can see Nojima (sleeveless) in the background. Antonio would love this photo.

Not sure what it was but it was blue!

So was this Sunburst 911.

Toshi & I post up next to Charlene. Our ride for the day.

During pit stops, its final pit stop of its life.. We had heard it was bumped into then hit the wall breaking the left rear axle. Then as the tow truck was unloading the 911 at the pits this happened…..

The straps broke dropping the car to its side. Incredible..

Right side view..

Back side view with the broken axle.

Crushed roof but the show must go on…

The blue 964 made it to the end and looked awesome doing so.

The once beautiful Sunburst 911 after getting smashed from behind.

Adriana almost made it til it had a fire in the engine bay.

Notice that wheel dent? Well it got into an accident and caused this…

It hit a Peugeot on the very fast straight. The Peugeot hits the wall and catches fire.

It was an intense fire and glad that they were able to put it out.

Nakai & I after the 12 hours.

Most of Team RWB 2014. Til next year…

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