Many thanks to everyone who came through to “Snapshots” at Illest LA. It was a great night for Ja, for us, and for me. Like I had previously mentioned, this was my first stab at an event with Illest. After Ja’s Tastemakers feature, I brought up the idea to the team – to collaborate with him on an art show that I promised would be complementary. After conceptualizing the experience, spending long nights at the shop setting up, and adapting to Ja’s processes, I knew I was right. “Snapshots” was a personal collection of Ja’s influences and passions like sport, fashion, and music. And when I compare it to how Fatlace/Illest started, it’s like we began and evolved in the same way. I was so proud of everything.

So were a lot of other people because Illest was packed with supporters. Neither Ja or myself had any time to take our own photos during the night. Thankfully, Lensley was there with their sleek – almost unnoticeable – photobooth that captured attendees and glimpses of the show with a 24mm lens. Enjoy and thanks again. Remember that the show runs through October 12 and that Ja’s work and the limited edition show tees are for sale.