Last night in Downtown Los Angeles, iZZi Gadgets celebrated their launch with an event titled, “LA Enhanced” at the Crewest Gallery. The event showcased photography using iZZi Gadgets by artists, skaters and photographers including Arto Saari, Atiba Jefferson, ManOne, Willie T and Yuri Hasegawa in conjunction with Skateistan and the Stronghold Society. Proceeds from sales of the prints will be donated to the Connect the Dots project.

I’m proud to have been part of the gallery with a couple of photos as well as working with the team to produce this event especially for such a good cause with the Connect the Dots project that shares the joy of skateboarding with those in need. More info below.

The Connect the Dots Project is the first-ever cultural exchange between the boys & girls students of the Skateistan skateboard school in Kabul, Afghanistan and Lakota Native American boy and girl skaters from the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota in the United States.

The project includes coordinating and producing skate decks, products and various other cultural products and art that can be exchanged in a peaceful attempt to bridge cultural and gender gaps by utilizing something both groups have in common…skateboarding. These are two of the most impoverished groups with very little means that have found time and energy to help one another ½ a world away with what they have at their disposal.

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