What better way to start a Saturday than with the roar of engines and a kickstart of caffeine? We are always looking to innovate and switch up the flavor for each of our Fatlace Friday events and this time we really hit the mark. In partnership with local coffee pop-up Killer Coffee  as well as our in house partner Rolling Projects we present the first Fatlace Saturday!

Fatlace Coffee

These guys have a super down to earth feel and by the time you place your order, you already feel like a regular. From my first cup I knew I was hooked. What you’ll see next is one of their signature drinks, the Heartbreaker. I have a feeling it’s aptly named because when I was done drinking it, my heart was broken that there wasn’t any more left. It is a sweet and creamy drink with a touch of sea salt to elevate the subtle flavors of their roast.

Fatlace Coffee-30

One thing I loved about Killer Coffee’s business model is that they can blend into any environment. It really felt like their space was a permanent fixture inside the warehouse. In case you are wondering where they are REALLY from, their current pop-up location is inside of Shane’s Barber Shop in downtown San Mateo just a stone’s throw away from the Paddock. I think that it’s an unexpected partnership, but the more I say “fresh fades and fresh coffee” the more I envision an awesome next logo for their cups. It just works!

Fatlace Coffee-9

Fatlace Coffee-25

In the theme of cafe vibes for the morning, we welcomed the cafe racer crowd to join in. I was able to meet a lot of really cool folks and understand much better what the style embodies to them. There was a great rumble as the bikes rolled in, each with a different style. If you look closely you will even see our 1st Place Snapback hanging off this biker’s hip.

Fatlace Coffee-31

These bikes just have so much presence, and you can immediately notice all of the nuances the builders had incorporated. This Yamaha is a great example of a chassis transformed into something so very personal but with a style that anyone can appreciate.

Fatlace Coffee-37

Fatlace is all about style, and there were plenty of styles represented from the automotive side too!

Fatlace Coffee-20

This must be how the frame rails on Sam’s S14 feel like as he scrapes the streets.  Fatlace Coffee-22

I am a sucker for white Audi’s and when you combine an S4 with air suspension and Rotiform wheels, you have a winning combination.

Fatlace Coffee-23

For those of you considering a Ferrari in your future, the 308 is an affordable entry point. This example was in museum condition with immaculate interior and paint.Fatlace Coffee-28

Drift, Grip, and Stance. The E36 is one of those chassis that can really do it all!Fatlace Coffee-18

We would like to extend a sincere thank you to each and every person for coming out, we look forward to cooking up something new and exciting for the next installment of Fatlace Fridays!

Fatlace Coffee-3

Words: Michael Klonoff

Photos: Alex Bucur and Michael Klonoff