The annual Nisei week car show just took place in Little Tokyo Los Angeles. The Fatlace crew made it down from SF, and I met up with them for food and fun. The event was great, and the weather couldn’t have been better. We all enjoyed the day and awesome cars. I only took a few snaps because Yogi and several others were there with their fancy cameras. You’ll be seeing more from Nisei on this site soon I’m sure, but here’s some randoms that stood out to me.

The homey Milton’s 350z was sitting pretty as usual. We chopped it up for a bit, and this guy has alot of good stuff on his mind. We’ll keep you posted on that.

I stared at this R32 several times throughout the day. It’s just about perfect in my book, and it’s a white VW so you know it’s clean to start.

I remembered this 330 ZHP from last years Nisei, and it has only gotten better. It sortaflush in the front, and hellaflush in the rear. It’s clean any way you look at it though.

Hella-what? …Hellaflush EG Civic you should already know.