One East Bay Community In Oakland, California is taking action against taggers who deface public property. Some of the best Aerosol Artist in the World are replacing those tags with some beautiful images. On 15th St. between Webster/Franklin in Downtown Oakland was the target of spray can taggers. Art gallery owner Jaime Galindo and his friends in the art community came together to attack the problem with Street Art. I’m an Artist. My friends are Artists, my Wife’s an Artist. Let’s beautify the neighborhood thru art. Paint over the tagging and vandalism that makes it look horrible and replace it with beautiful vibrant art that lifts the community. I’m really happy with what we did outside on the block, Mural Lane, but that wasn’t enough. I wanted to take it a step further. While the art collective gave the street a whimsical sense of innocence, Galindo wanted to demonstrate that true urban art that comes from the street transcends the crude vandalism the neighborhood suffered from. Galindo enlisted 6 of some of the most accomplished Street Artists in the World to produce art in his 15th St. Gallery for an exhibition that will demonstrate that works of art can be created with a spray can. What we do, is not, per say, the vandal on the street, what we do is Aerosol Art Work with a spray can and that’s the huge, main difference between us and the average tagger. The artist assemble for the Love Oakland Art Gallery, Crayone Challenge 2012 Exhibition which opens this First Friday, Dec 7th 2012, 7pm-10pm. All have decades of experience in perfecting their art and have had both exhibitions and commissions to produce their work. The following are the 6 Walking Legends who participated in the challenge: Crayone, Blaze aka Picasso, Mike Bam, Nate One, East3, and Kraze.

Instagram: @loveoaklandgroup @eastthree @kraze1_8gz @crayone @burningartmaster