Barry McGee (born 1966 in San Francisco) is a painter and graffiti artist.
He is also known as Ray Fong, Lydia Fong, Bernon Vernon, P.Kin, Ray Virgil, Twist
and further variations of Twist, such as Twister, Twisty, Twisto and others.

I grew up seeing Twist’s iconic characters (i.e. the screw and the long faced hobo) all over the city  in the Nineties.
And though it may be slightly controversial that his art has progressed into the mainstream,
with “sell out” scrawled on his exhibit ads now being advertised on Muni buses…
ironically the same ones he used to deface way back when…
I think it’s just part of the process of reaching a much bigger audience.
Ain’t nothing wrong with that.  That’s what all artists wish and hope for.
So props to TWIST…who paid dues and hopefully now is gettin’ dues…paid.

His exhibit is currently being shown at the Berkeley Art Museum which ends December 9, 2012.

Pics of my Sunday funday museum visit below…but first, FEMME CARTEL’s Naked Ladies art show with my fave lady artists. 

Because in my world, ART = INSPIRATION = OUTSPIRATION (Is that even a word?  Well now it is!  But please don’t mistake it with perspiration.)

And as usual…good food to make the soul happy.
Hawker Fare

Blistered Green Beans


Kao Mun Gai








Happy Earth Day JoJo!






Maria Fatima Urbi





Joanne Ludwig









These dudes = SomaR




It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…


If you want to sit at the edge of your seat the entire movie…
go see ARGO.






Crab Chowder




Prime Rib and Crab



Dead Fish


Carquinez Bridge

Sunday FUNday!












































Me aka the author aka the photographer aka foodie aka road dawg aka ONE IN A MILLION!

In Niner news…
Niners @ Rams
Damn.  I’d rather have a tie.
8-3-1 for the season
and let’s eat some fish come Sunday.

Get your beast mode on Aldon Smith.

Till the next episode…