If you haven’t seen a Stephen Brooks automotive film before then, first of all, welcome to the internet, and second of all, check out his site www.stephenbrooksfilms.com to catch up on his show-reel. If you are already familiar with his work then it’ll come to no surprise to you that his latest film, featuring two of the ‘Low ‘n’ Slow’ VW Beetles, is an absolute killer.

Neither of these cars can be said to be running Hellaflush fitment, but that’s not what this is about.

Because Aaron and Simon’s V-Dubs are definitely part of the Slammed Society, and whats more both these cars run a static drop, no bags here.

I was due to come and co-shoot these Bugs with Stephen but a wedding the night before got the better of me.

Gutted cannot describe how I feel after seeing Stephen’s shots and the video. I may never drink again!

Anyhow, enjoy the video and drop a comment below if you like!

Photos: Stephen Brooks