Oh, where do I even begin?

Last week, we (as in my bf, and a couple of good talented friends, Illie, Tiernan & DAG) bravely ventured down to Las Vegas for our very first MAGIC tradeshow. I say bravely because after many inconveniences, it seemed like the trip was not meant to be! But obviously, we couldn’t miss out so we just had to suck it up. And let’s just say that I had a hard time adjusting… I’m a girl, I complain.

Apart from the horrid weather, Las Vegas was the place to be. If you’re over 21. Otherwise, you can be like me and just stroll the strip in classic Vegas fashion, inebriated.

And now more to important things that actually matter…

MAGIC/PROJECT was phenomenal. I’ve never seen anything like it, but for the usual tradeshow go-er, they experience this madness a couple of times a year. When we got there, we immediately headed to S.L.A.T.E. I didn’t know where to start so I headed to somewhere familiar…

I stopped by the Adapt & Ava Domina booth and said hi to Kris and Evan! (this was day 3)

I also got to meet the Mahfia girls, Kim and Julie! And of course, I got to see Mayka from Moxsie a couple of times! She was all over the place!!!

On day 2, I got to meet our very own Louise!!!

Ok, so Kris and I kinda hunted her down… well, not really because we already knew where she was so we just WALKED there, so that doesn’t count right? Haha! It’s Wendy of Nitrolicious! We found her in the blogging area! (I was starstruck and acted like a total dweeb -__-)

While in LV, we got to hit up the STUSSY and UNDEFEATED stores…

I think everybody knows whose car this is

And lo and behold, one of my FAVORITE parts of the trip was going to the Undefeated party and meeting Eddie Cruz!

I had soooo much fun! Even though it was a little overwhelming, it was great to meet new people and especially those who have an influence on me! I’d like to thank the guys at Lucky Lefty’s for making it happen! It was such a great learning experience!