Last night was the movie premier for Machete at the Orpheum Theatere in Downtown Los Angeles. Here are some of the photos of the chaos that is a movie premier!

We were in the parking lot behind the theater before the movie with Lifestyle Car Club. They were hired to drive the stars of the movie and leave them in front of the theater before they walked the red carpet.

Director Robert Rodriguez checking out the line up.

Cheech Marin x Bobby Tribal

Danny Trejo aka Machete getting ready to lead the procession to the premier.

Jessica Alba is Fireman’s 63.

Michelle Rodriguez got to ride in Fernando’s 58 Impala.

Robert Rodriguez with Brunik.

Sasha Grey and Dave Choe.

Coming down Broadway to the theater.

Posted up in front of the Orpheum Theatere

After the procession it was time to put the camera away and see the movie. How was it? It was good and I recommend you go and see it September 3rd!