I recently took a short vacation to the East Coast staying for a couple days in Boston and then heading out to Maine for a family reunion. Boston was a good time and seeing the rich history of the city and culture were things I’ve experienced before so having the chance to travel to Maine was exciting. We traveled past the big cities such as Portland to nestle in the sleepy town of Bristol to stay at my uncle and aunt’s secluded cabin home that sat on acres of land and next to a lake. They had this home built to escape the madness of city life and bring the family closer together.

Gathered at this reunion were relatives from across the country and some that I haven’t seen in years. On the first evening we celebrated with a lobster bake. Maine is famous for their lobster and currently you can purchase it direct from the fishermen for about $3-4 a pound. The seafood was spectacular. Also popular for this region are the fresh blueberries, whoopie pies and craft beer (but more on that later.)

Beauty is found everywhere in Maine from the picturesque landscapes to the historical lighthouses that are spread throughout the state. It is a photographer’s dream come true. I was there to relax and spend quality time with the family so there was no time or no need to plan photoshoots at dusk or dawn. Each photo was captured as we explored and sometimes this is the best way.

If you’re a fan of the great outdoors this state has it all from kayaking to hiking to fishing. We spent some time out on the lake catching bass that would later cook for dinner.

There are many small towns that each have their own story. One of them them is Rockland. Here we were able to see the exterior of the Farnsworth museum that features sculptures by Robert Indiana, famous for his “Love” pieces.

This vacation is just what I needed to re-charge from the fast paced lifestyle and often travel heavy schedule. Spending time with my little nephew is always a bonus.

On our way back to the airport in Boston, we made sure to stop in Portland to see the sights and boats and get one last lobster roll. We also discovered that a majority of the craft breweries are located in this city so we quickly made a very short stop to Allagash, which is one of my all-time favorites. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to take the tour or a tasting so I purchased a shirt and made a promise to return. There is just so much more to see in this wonderful state that I already can’t wait to come back to explore more.

Maine Quick Tips
1. Have a lobster roll – pretty good anywhere you go
2. Enjoy the local food – from seafood to desserts (whoopie pies and ice cream)
3. Stop by a liquor barn in New Hampshire – great prices on hard alcohol and wine and NO tax
4. Check out the LL Bean Outlet in Freeport – open 24 hours a day / 364 days a year – other shops are there too
5. Take a minute to relax and enjoy the surroundings