While visiting Auto Tech Collision to check up on my car, I noticed a Lexus IS250 in the corner of the shop completely torn apart with bondo around the car. I asked Sean, my buddy who works there, what’s the story on that Lexus. He tells me a little about the owner and what he has in store. He even asked if I would be interested in featuring it since it was going to be a member of Team Ikon when it got out of the shop. I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to shoot such a clean car.

What it lacks in mods, it makes up in style. And as every other person with a custom paint job will tell you, pictures does not do it justice. This Lexus IS250 has a custom House of Kolor Brandy Wine paint. From certain angles it looks like any regular paint but in the sunlight, it definitely shines.


His interior is comprised of a Luxis shift knob and Belezza neck pads. Instead of going for the typical Junction Produce or Garson neck pads, he decided to do something a little different and go for these white Belezza neck pads. It brings contrast to everything and stands out.

Along with his paint job, he’s rocking a custom front bumper with Vertex lip, JP Vizage side skirts, and custom rear bumper with Vertex Lip. He rides on Ksports Air suspension which comes in handy around the roads in Texas. As he airs up to get over speed bumps, he uses his Ksport Big Brakes to stop before he completely trashes his kit. He’s sporting the very stylish Work Bersalgios (19×9.5 +0 and 19×10 +0 with 15mm spacers) that you don’t see very often.

Matt wanted to personally give a shout out to supporting cast of his car and development. Huge thank you goes out to Team Ikon, What the Fitment, Kyoei USA, Ksports, and Auto Tech Collision.

Love it. Hate it. Whatever you do, appreciate it.

-Harrison Wang

Instgram/Twitter: @bigharrywang