The holidays are fast approaching and I am just now getting started on Christmas shopping.
Yah, I know…blasphemy!  But that’s how busy girls do it.
Gotta get in where I fit in and in every possible free moment, use it in the most efficient way.
So what better place to get into the holiday spirit than my beautiful city.

OK I gotsta go…Happy (mad rush) Holidays!

     But first…energy.
Homemade Corned Beef HashCorned Beef Benedictat Cafe M.
Tunnel love.Hello Kitty FOREVER!  Since 1974.

Posted.  On Post.
UniqloHustlin.Peace, love and shimmering lights…
from San Francisco.

In Niner news…
Niners @ Patriots
for that Super Bowl preview
and a victory bringing us to 10-3-1 for the season.
Next we’re in Seattle for another possible Sunday night masterpiece.
Let’s go #ninergang!

Crabtree doin’ thangs.

Till the next episode…