Hello! My name is Morgan Shea and I’m a new blogger for Fatlace.com. Before I get started on my journey of writing… Here are a few things about me: I love to dance. I started dancing at the age of three and now thirteen going on fourteen this March and I’m still dancing. I first started off learning ballet, tap, lyrical, and jazz at South County Dance Company & West Coast School of the Arts. I like all types of dance, but my ultimate favorite is hip hop. I started taking hip hop when I was seven years old. At age nine, I auditioned for Kreative Movement (Kaba Modern’s junior dance team) and surprisingly made it. Two years passed and I was still a part of Kreative, yet I found out about Miniotics (Poreotics season 5 ABDC winners junior team) then auditioned and soon joined. From there, I began to learn popping, a style of hip hop that incorporates isolations and robotic movement. After another year, I joined Underground dance team and had a lot of good training there. And most recently after two years I am back and currently with Kaba Kids dancing as well as being a contributor/blogger on their site. (Kreative Movement)

Other than dance, I am also involved in the TEDx community. I enjoy public speaking and have a passion for sharing my views on life and individuality. I love the anime Naruto and love to play the video game Naruto Ninja Storm 3, I love to draw, I love to collect sneakers (i.e Jordans, Nike SB, etc..), and I will soon be learning how to freerun/parkour! My best friend is my eight year old brother, Hamilton, so you’ll most likely see a lot of my posts about him too. I look forward to sharing my adventures with you and watching Illest/Fatlace develop, evolve and grow as will, I.

Ta ta for now!