Feelin’ free since I just finished all my homework and I can relax & enjoy the rest of the weekend! Wanted to share “My Crazy Family” which is my first English essay as a high school freshman at Da Vinci Science Academy.

My Crazy Family

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. From kindly nurturing their little seeds to sprouts and becoming healthy, strong living trees like them. From being the best friend of their own trees’ seeds, watching them grow, and being an immortal, grand giving tree. My crazy family starts with my grandparents. My grandparents have done so much for us, our family and I. They have directed us to be the best we can be, tenacious and robust. They give so much with their everlasting love and comfort to help us be elated, for if we are feeling down, they are always there for us and will listen better than a silent sky ever could. Even though two of them had their leaves fall and it was time for them to go, they are always with us, especially me. The whispering wind in my ear reminds me that they are still here. My family starts with my generous grandparents.

If there was such a thing as “World’s Next Top Role Model” my aunts, uncles and godparents would be the first place winners, the best, even the creators of it, the CEOs, you name it. They have taught me so much in life, from mindless examples of dos and don’ts. They have spoiled me with their time and luscious laughter. My aunts’ and uncles’ personalities are like fireworks, some booming with enthusiasm or even just fruity as an avocado and exclusive. My family starts with my astute aunts, unique uncles and gregarious godparents.

My brother’s spirit is sweet like candy. He is the best brother I could ever ask for. Our age separation may be long distance yet that doesn’t stop us from being close, and I may be older than him but I treat him as an equal. He is very humane and thoughtful towards me and we are always looking out for each other like watchdogs in the night. I can’t wait until he evolves into a powerful, gentle giant of a man. My family starts with my brave and bright little brother.

Last but not least, my parents. Their perpetual love and support towards us, me and my brother is like a constant slope, never-ending. They do anything and everything for us and they help guide us through life. Their dedication to make us grow-up into happy, independent, successful and well-rounded people is as unbelievable as mermaids walking around France. I’m so thankful for them and allowing me to live what I love. They accept me in every way, shape and form and I’m truly grateful. My family starts with my passionate and proud parents.

I love my crazy and loving family. I am who I am today because of all of them.