Fashion Night Out is an annual event in NYC to celebrate NY Fashion Week.  This year, LA joined the band wagon and celebrated simultaneously with the Big Apple.  I happened to be at the Cameo Stars apartment in NYC which is basically the heart of the Meat Packing District.  Tired and almost unable to muster the energy to go “out”, I walk outside the front door to my quiet garden apartment and “bam” – it’s all out there.  NYC is a crazy fashion zoo.  First thing I see is the double decker bus reminding me why we are all doing this.

A stone throw away, I see a leopard truck – LaSmooch, with a long line of people waiting to get in.  Now we all know that leopard is the “in thing” NOW and food trucks have been hot for a minute, but a leopard travel accessories truck (and a good one at that) is very HOT.

Inside there is great displays of amazing fashion pieces.  This is a great vest.  I forgot to photograph the fur mittens – you can not imagine what they look like.

The hottest item shown here:  leopard moccasins.  If you get a pair, go a size up!

This is actually Rob holding the bag so I can get the shot of this pretty cool bag.

After going through each drawer filled with jewelry, inspecting each piece, and being starred at by the sales girl, I ran in to Murphy Jenson (her friend too) who I know from tennis and the cabin.  A 20 foot fashion truck is an interesting place to see a friend.

The Owner …..I think this is “Joey”.  Very nice girl.

This is like Halloween for the fashion industry.  I saw some crazy, unbelievable outfits.

Celebrity sighting – KIMORA

Even better celebrity sighting – MARY KATE

The best for the night- THE KEN TRUCK (these are real guys)