Being the number one car manufacturer in Japan, Toyota has definitely a huge following in the aftermarket scene. Here are some the Toyota‘s during Offset Kings Japan.

The infamous Levin which won  ‘Best Toyota‘ proved that the classics had it.

This USDM inspired AE86 was also a crowd favorite. 

Most of the cars during the event was the “big-body sedans“, like this Chaser.

If you are going for the VIP treatment you will surely go for the brand. Koki Matsuyama’s choice for modification was the Soarer. Link to feature: That Red Soarer

Sporty treatment can also be added in the VIP scene like the Ultimate Garage Luvs Aristo . It had  Hyper Forged HF27-S wheels.

Adding the sporty feel into the VIP-style cars is a look that other brands cannot pull off. The smooth and luxurious curves of the GS/Aristo series can prove that right.

The classic Soarer/SC which I believe jump-started Toyota/Lexus on the sports/luxury segment.

The X130 Mark X, one of my favorite 4-door Toyota’s.  Hidetaka Iwata‘s had Work Equip’s on it, specs are 18 x 9 +7 up front and 18 x 10 +7 on the rear.

Work Meister’s really look good on anything, from exotics, classics, race-cars and VIP sedans. Check out this tastefully done first generation (X120) Mark X.

Wish we had one of these here. They look really awesome when modified.

N-Style brought more than 12 cars this year including this Mark II. Looking good with their signature brown color.

These guys drift/run their cars in the mountains with this type of wheel fitment set-up.


Syun Kasiwagura’s JZX 100 looked really good, really good.  The flares from N-Style made it stand out from the rest. The 1JZ had an M8280 turbo, Tomei Poncams and a Power FC which helped the car to produce 460hp. Wheels specs for the Enkei Rp1’s are 18x 9.5j+15 up front and 18x 10.5j+15 at the rear with 50mm spacers on all sides.  I just wish I took more photos of this.


Nakamura-san had a SSR Agle Strusse’s this year. I had no chance to ask for the specs but I heard the had a 2JZ with a 1j head.

A Levin from N-Style which is also used for Idlers events.

Manabu Mitsu‘s Sprinter  had 15×9 SSR Longchamp XR-4 wheels.

Simple yet striking.

Cam Villena, a Filipino based in Kanagawa brought his JZX100 Mark II. I love how he added the street drift feel through his paint job. Wheels are Work Wheels Varianza F2S 19x10J -15 up front and 19x11J -30 at the rear with  235/35/19 245/35/19 ATR sport II tires.

A Toyota Crown Athlete from Runzip Design. Bagged or static? Expect a quick feature on this very soon.

A clean IS/Altezza on Work CR-Kai’s.

XE20‘s also has a huge following in Japan.

Kazuki Asakawa had a twist with his 12th generation Crown. He replaced the (2,3 or 4) GR-FSE engine into a 2jz producing 500 horsepower mated to a GETGRAG 6 speed tranny.

In terms of modifications the style of the big-bodied Toyota’s can look good when mixed and matched which is evident is this XF30 Celsior.

Most of the cars had the drift feel into it. And these guys just don’t go for the looks; most of the engines are heavily modified.

Signature N-Style feel.

The parking lot had nice builds too, like this JZX100 Chaser which had a very mysterious look. Nice.

During the event I had a chat with several owners for their respective features, I somehow noticed that it easier “to talk Nissan” with the guys. But if given a chance I’d choose to modify a 4-door Toyota (big sedan) over an S-Chassis in Manila.


Maybe a Mark II? Only two in Manila still in stock form when I saw it 10 years back.


A MKII Supra which roamed around the streets of Fuji Speedway. Awesome sound.

This wraps up my entry for Offset Kings Japan, The Toyota’s.

Hope you enjoyed.

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