Every year I travel to go see the Kansas Jayhawks play in the National Tournament.  They usually are a sure thing to do well during March Madness.  However, this year I decided to go to the Big 12 Tournament to see a KU/Mizzou final as I was certain that KU would not last to many rounds in the nationals this year.  Well, how wrong was I  -as every college hoop fan saw them play in the Big Dance lastnight.  I am sorry to say Kansas lost, but who can explain how KU even got to New Orleans?  Not me.  This year I wanted to go with some actual ball players, so I invited Sierra Heppler and Tate Jordan, as in Michael.  The girls skipped school and flew in from Boston.


I had arrived a few hours earlier to see the first KU game, but left the Sprint center to go grab the girls in time for the night session.  It is clear that I am not in LA any more.


However the “superstars” started off first watching a Missouri vs. Oklahoma game.

The woman in front of us was Texan muckety-muck.  I noticed her ring and inquired.  It was a championship ring that Texas won before entering the big 12.  I can’t remeber the name of the conference Texas belonged to prior, but I do remember when they joined the Big 8.  Everyone already “in” was not happy about Texas being a part of.  Apparently some still aren’t since Mizzou has just played their last Big 12 tourney.

The woman asked me if I wanted to try on the ring!!  I told Sierra to put it on as it is as good of a time as any to start feeling comfortable with diamonds.  Tate was scared.  Sierra gave it a good effort.

Even the tigers had their own kind of accessories.

After the game, we spotted a rolling bunny on the trolley.

I could tell we were all starting to have fun.




The next morning I took Tate and Sierra for a taste of Kansas breakfast at Kate’s Kitchen.  Sierra had eggs and ketchup!

Next we decided to do some sight seeing.  We used the new iphone 4S to get us where we needed to go (as I had just painfully had mine stolen a few days earlier).  Sierra checked in all 3 of us in on 4square, hoping for extra points and new badges.  We even cheated for some LA friends.

We walked the line with two devices in each hand.

We spotted a still smoking mansion that had just burnt down and was currently being torn down.

We quickly made friends with the KU cheer squad.

Sierra showed off her free throws.  Look at that follow through.

And Tate was under the basket to get all rebounds.

The two dueled at a game of electronic hoops.  I love this activity.

After, we met up with NBA scout and my good friend Jim Kelly.  Jim sent the matching T shirts ahead so that the girls would have official KU gear for the game.  Jim is the greatest!

And there “HE’ is,  Thomas Robinson, and the starting KU line up of 2011.

Mascoot Jayhawk and the cheering squad to take us through the KU clap.  Sadly enough, it didn’t work.  KU you lost and was eliminated from any more play.  We would not see that KU/Mizou final.  Perry Jones III was just too damn good!!








The following day, I went into the girls bedroom to keep them on schedule.  We had another big day and I know they were up till 4 am on Facebook and Youtube.

This was less than a 72 hour trip and both of them brought 2 huge suitcases and had my friends home (thank you Jodi) looking like it was hit by a Kansas tornado.  I gave gave packing lessons and made it clear that any trip 4 days and under, in the future, is a carry on trip.


We met my friend Ashley Younglove Aubuchon at the famous Kansas City Plaza.  I have know her for 15 years.  No joke — she actually saved my life one day.


A pet parrot was available for conversation –

and companionship.

And the Mizzuo fans started rolling in.



Were giving you grateful to be here smiles but sad and feeling somewhat silly to be KU fans in a sea of Tigers.

The only time I was not a good example was when I taught my crew to jump into empty seats 8 rows back from center court.  I set a precedence of quality that can be confused for spoiled rotten.

Mizzou is a blowout with Texas.

We are feeling a little out of place. This is not the KU/Missouri game.

I didn’t know Ali G was a tiger fan.

The style of a Tiger is very different than that of a KU fan.  I guess that has something to do with the fact a KU Coach invented basketball.

I would say the same goes for Texas – even though I like this team and their coach oddly named Rick Barnes.  What ever happened to the Mizzou coach Quin Synder?   He was fun.

Game over!

We stayed for the ceremony.  We stood out like birds in a ….

Kim English cut the net.  He was incredible that game.  Most thought Mizzou would advance far in the NCAA bracket.

Worn out with 6 games under our belt, we hunkered down with the best chocolate milk ever, and participated in the 70/30 theory.  I also want to thank our “angel” for gifting us the trip.  Honestly, it was one shinning moment!


Here is the video Sierra made from the trip.