Back in 2008, Ariel purchased this GTI because he needed a new daily driver. With his Rabbit MK1 project in the process of getting built, he wanted something stock that could take him to and from work.

Ariel hated the look of it at first. “I thought it was hideous. I needed something I wouldn’t want to modify.” Ariel said. Then a couple of months later, he saw one slammed on wheels with a shaved body and this opened the flood gates.

He started of by paint matching the rear bumper. Then a little while after he got coilovers, then wheels, then as with all Volkswagen owners, more wheels; eight different sets to be exact.

The engine now has Stage 2 REVO fine tuning, Neuspeed Intake, Eurosport Downpipe and Snow Performance Methanol Injection.

Everything was going well. The car was getting driven around, but this daily driver turned into another project car. It became  uncomfortable; he had to slow down for speed bumps, driveways and anything else larger then a pebble. Ariel was on his 3rd oil pan, then he destroyed the 4th. He had enough; that was the last straw. He then switched to Air Ride.

As of right now, the exterior has candy white paint matched stock front lip, sideskirts, and rear bumper. For suspension, he kept his old KW Coilovers, but instead of springs he went with a universal Air Bag Kit. H&R adapters helped him fit the 18×10″ Porsche wheels all around. Ariel got a custom exhaust built to allow the air compressor fitment underneath the car where his muffler used to be. This gave him a nice stealth setup.

“Four years later and it’s finally able to get me to and from work without speed bumps or potholes stopping me, daily driver status finally achieved!” When asked what his future plans for the car are, he said, “Moar low, a possible color change, and new wheels of course!”

I would like to thank all the people that made this shoot fun and possible. Ariel Arevalo for having a cool GTI; Ejay Marte of Limestand Photography for being awesome and helping out with the shoot while teaching me some new tricks along the way; Robert De for coming out to test the spot and help set up; Brian Bassard for the behind the scene photo; and last but not least, Sarah Kachlic for not letting the hatch of the Audi smack us in the head. Thank you!