To be honest, I found out about Water Werks last minute from my friend. Mr. Matt Crooke of Fifteen52 helped me out and got me a Media Pass, so here I am posting up photos from what ended up being a great turn out. It was really nice to see a show in The Bay dedicated to Euros. I love all cars from domestic to imports and old school to new school. At most shows there are only a hand full of Euros sprinkled through a sea of Japanese cars.

Right at the entrance, Fifteen52 had a booth set up. Matt’s Wagon always looks good.

Its always nice to see familiar faces. Sean, from Broadway Static, brought out his convertible E36 M3. He loves the SJ Sharks, so it was only natural to have teal centers in his BBS RS wheels.

This MK4 Jetta looked awesome on CCW Classic wheels.

People always go crazy sticker bombing stuff. I think the inside of this hood is kinda cool, as it still looks clean.

Always wanted a 20th Anniversary Rabbit GTI. One day……..

This MK6 always catches my eye. It must be that rear fender design.

Even though a lot of the cars where going for the Low’n’Slow theme, some were quite fast. This Turbo R32 proved that point.

Half way through the show they decided to host a “Limbo” contest.

After a couple of passes, there was only one way to get static height cars lower ………. weight! People loved volunteering.

Body parts sticking out of a trunk might look weird but it was perfectly ok here.

I love seeing old school caddy trucks. The owner of Thomas Tuning brought his out, which was nothing short of spectacular.

Guess what car fender this sticker resides on?

No! Its an Audi A8. This car looks so good.

As crazy this might sound, these gold VIP Modular wheels looked spot on. This B6 Audi pulled it off.

The trunk setup in the B6 Audi with gold wheels. Even the trunk had a touch of class with those copper lines and hardwood floor.

It was a packed event. At around 4pm people started heading home.

This Allroad never seems to get old. O.Z. wheels with dish are always a tasty treat.

As everyone started leaving, this MK4 Golf got center stage in the empty warehouse.

I almost forgot to snap a photo of this Audi A3 with BBS LM wheels.

This E36 BMW won Best Euro. It looked and sounded awesome.

All together this event was a great turn out. I’m looking forward to the next one.