Marking two years of blogging for Fatlace and feeling

I know that I’m carryin’ on, nevermind if I’m showing off. I was just

Always with my girls cuz we like to

But before I get to play, best believe I’m

And each week, I try to express myself with

I hope you all look forward to the posts as much as I enjoy doing them, cuz I swear…sometimes I feel like my

Then I slow my roll…and I remind myself

And at the end of the day, I keep doin’ it cuz

So I’ma

And hopefully I won’t become a

But even if I am, you ain’t gotta worry cuz my posts are

That’s only…

But on the real…thanks for following every week!  Trust…ya’ll gettin’ the

Two years and 112 posts later = HIGH MF FIVE!

‘Til the next episode…