If you’ve ever taken photos and proceeded to color correct/white balance/edit, you’ll know that it’s arguably one of the most frustrating and time consuming things ever. And as sad as it is to say… the processing afterward is what actually deters me from taking pictures in the first place. But after chatting with Jose at FD & revisiting Tim’s work on my desktop everyday, I decided that I had to do something to overcome this immense dislike.

Two weekends ago, Neil and I ventured to Seattle/WallaWalla for some fresh seafood, brisk air and overall change of pace. I love LA and NY to bits, but more often than not, each city tends to think that it’s the center of the world. I love escaping to a place where people spend more time at the farmer’s market than in their cars and blackberries reign supreme as fruits, not as pieces of technology.

Between cramming for midterms via countless 4×6″ index cards & driving around Washington, I forced myself to bring my old, uncalibrated 20D everywhere and hopefully capture whatever caught my eye. In the days to follow, I probably spent more time dreading the editing process than actually fiddling with Photoshop, but hey, it’s a start! 🙂