So I was working overtime today when I overheard a conversation in the canteen about a car show down the road at Goodwood motor circuit,  so I threw my shit in the air and walked out of work like a boss…only kidding, I finished my work and left as soon as I could without getting into trouble.    Totally didn’t click in my head it was the Players meet so finished half day and headed down there after lunch.  One person I definitely knew was going to be there was a friend of mine Phil Divers, who sorted me out a trade pass at his detailing stand which allowed me to park inside and not in a muddy field. Thanks Phil, much appreciated.

The venue was at Goodwood, one of the many places I will blog about and with it’s biggest event, Festival of Speed coming up at the end of the month, there will be many more content coming soon.  For now, enjoy my spontaneous day out at Players and below is a selection of my favourites of the day.

Phil at this trade stand Far2Kleen.  Keep up the good work bro.

This is Phil’s new pride and joy that he’s been working on.  VW Golf Mk1 G60 engine with plenty of goodies on it.

And then I got an IG comment from my work colleague Arlen Davies saying he was here too so linked up with him at the Forge motorsports stand along with BMX Pro rider and Drift Allstars competitor Mark Webb and Matt Kerr who is also a drift enthusiast who came 9th out of 50 in his first drift comp at the Nissan Torque Show.  In fact all 3 of these guys are into their sideways action and hopefully I’ll have something lined in the near future for some content on the UK drift scene.  Check them out at Downside Drifters 

Liberty Walk BMW.  Didn’t actually know there was one in the UK.

Mark Webb checking out the spec. ‘It’s all standard’ lol