A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of taking a trip up to Boston, MA to shoot one of my dream cars, a RWB Porsche 993. The moment I layed my eyes on Evan’s(owner) 993 I was speechless. I slowly walked around the car in awe. The first thing that popped into my head was how wide these cars really are in person as you will see below. Say hello to SCOOTER ONE.

Evan’s car is the definition of a attention grabber. Everywhere we went people would walk up and just stare or whip out the camera’s to snap a photo before we passed.

As you can see the fender fits perfectly flush against the semi meaty tires. I took out my credit card to see how much of a gap there really was and I could barely fit in the gap between the fender and tire. The best part is that his tires do NOT rub one bit. Trust me, we put this to the test as we drove into downtown Boston, which I have come to the conclusion has the worst roads I have ever been on.

Just look how wide those fender flares are……..

The attention to detail that went into the construction of this car is top notch. Even down to the polished rivets.

Under those massive flares sits a set of Rotiform IND’s. 18×10.5 -14 in the FRONT and 18×13 -19 in the REAR.

The first time I saw this car from the front I could not help but think how beefy and low it was.

After we left the park we went to look for a few more places to shoot. We pulled over not having any luck finding any places close by. As we pulled down a narrow street, we got out of the car to take a look around. Luckly where we parked ended being a nice little place to shoot.

As we were heading back to his house we passed by a really old church and decided to check it out. After the I took the photo below we found out that this was the church his mother went to when she was a little girl.

Once we made it back to his house, he wanted to show me something on the car I did not notice earlier in the day. A few weeks prior to my visit, Nakai-San went to visit Evan and his family. While he was there he signed the gas door cover.

On my last day there the sun finally decided to come out. Evan’s car just seems to have a different look in the sun. Not sure if it is the 911 GT3 RS paint or just the contrasting shadows you get from the sun. To put it simply this car is beautiful, especially when it is rolling.

Before Evan took me back to the airport I wanted to get a few more detail shots of his car. As you can see below the fitment is PERFECT.

He ended up wrapping his IND’s in Michelin PS2’s. In the front he is running 265/35 and in the rear he is running a 335/30. So wide.


He didnt want to go crazy with the interior of his car, for the time being. Evan is a pretty tall guy. It took him some time to find the right seat for his car. He picked two Recaro Profi XL’s for his car. After ridding in his car I can honestly say those are the most comfortable bucket seats I have ever been in. Just need to find out if they will fit in my Miata……hmmm….

He has changed the steering wheel as well. The steering wheel he chose is a FVD. Possibly the best looking replacement wheel I have seen in a long time. It looks like it came from the factory.

If you have never seen a RWB from above I highly recommend it. It is the only way to see how wide this car really is. He said he measured the width of his car and it is 1-2 INCHES wider than his fathers FORD GT……..

As I finish this write up on Evan’s 993 you may be asking your self why this car is called SCOOTER ONE? While Nakai-San is building all of the RWB Porsche he choses a name for each car. You never really know where he comes up with the names. While he was visiting Evan and his family he fell in love with their dog, Scooter. So he decided to name the car SCOOTER ONE.

After spending a weekend with Evan I could see his passion for this car. I asked him on the way to the airport if he would ever sell it, and before I could finish my sentence he cut me off with a NOOOO.


If you are in the Boston area keep your eyes out for his car. Cant really miss it.



Kyle McManus

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