With MaryJane Clothing, our design aesthetic is simple.  It’s all about clean artwork, subtle details and excellent garment quality.  Simplicity is actually a hard thing to achieve believe it or not.  Think of modern furniture.  It isn’t easy making those clean lines and refined curves.  It’s much easier to hide flaws when you put a bunch of unnecessary crap on it.  (Tammy Fayes and Pam Andersons I’m talking to you.)  So yes, we prefer to keep it simple, clean…timeless. Sometimes if you look close enough you might even find little homages.  So if you’re into what we’re into, it will come through easily.  Just our little way of adding a piece of us, for everyone like us.

We believe in everything we put out.  We don’t put anything out there that we won’t wear ourselves.  Each piece is hand checked then labelled by me personally to ensure quality.  Here’s some love for my SUPERFLY readers…even the cord on the hangtag can be used as a bracelet.  Yes I said bracelet.  It’s made of hemp!  DETAILS!

As Leonardo da Vinci once said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”  Touché Leonardo…touché.

My baby gets down with me.  Each one teach one!
(Go Niners!)
Brand New!  Just in for the Holidays!
Though I give thanks everyday, this time of the year marks the beginning of my dreams coming to fruition.  Happy one year anniversary MaryJane Clothing!  Thank you Universe!!!