Along with Round 5 of Formula D at Evergreen Speedway this past weekend, it also brought our Slammed Society Showcase back to the Northwest. This was the one event that I was looking forward to throughout the entire season. I was not able to make the previous two showcases here so I was extremely excited to be able to make this one. As we arrived to the venue on Friday, we were greeted with slammed Skylines, Silvias, S2000s, etc. parked randomly throughout the parking lot. The folks in the Northwest just know how to build cars, period. From the amount of supporters of the scene out here and being able to see with my own eyes how awesome their cars, I wouldn’t be surprised if we started throwing our own shows out here in the Northwest…

The showcase brought out all types of cars like usual. Slammed, bagged, VIP, drift, time attack, classic, American muscle, and the list goes on. I’ll leave you guys with a few shots from our show while we work on the rest of our photo set and explore Seattle.

Our buddies over at Lower Class Men came out with the entire crew. Tony’s S2000 sitting on 18×12 wheels and Connor’s SC tucking rim? Crazy!

And of course our very own Abbitt Wilkerson of AWfilms and 1Kind Productions revealing his STi sitting on Rotiforms. Abbitt has literally changed the fitment game when it comes to Subarus.

The paint on this G was just amazing. It looked even better in the sun.

Here are another two of my favorites from the show. I’m a sucker for wagons, especially ones that are built this well.

Be sure to check back as we will have our full posts of our Showcase and Formula D Round 5 in the coming days.