Every country has original forms of motorsport, car tuning, and events and we support them passionately.  USA has Nascar, and Sprintcars, Finland has rallying, Aussie has the V8 Supercars, and New Zealand has stockcar racing.  These machines might look basic although peel back the layers and there is some serious money sunk into these machines.

Built like a ‘brick sh*t house’ and powered by either a straight-six, Chev 240ci, Toyota Quad-Cam or Nissan V8 making 500+ BHP.

A heavy tubular chassis is required as this motorsport encourages contact.  Built to take massive hits the drivers sometimes wear cricket leg pads to stop any heavy body damage while racing.

The office is pure business.  Batteries and the fuel tank mounted behind the drivers seat and a lot of metal plating as the cockpit just fills up with clay off the track while racing.  Ease of cleaning is a must.

These machines often come with big price-tags.  $100,000 for high level machinery is not uncommon.  Taking expensive cars out on the track with the intent of running big hits on your fellow competitors is all part of the sport.

With roots dating back to 1950, the evolution these cars have gone through is quite amazing.  This is without doubt one of the world’s hardest hitting motorsports ever.

It might be great therapy for an end of the week blowout, although we Kiwis take this sport very seriously.  With the annual ‘teams champs’ where districts from all over the country assemble and race in teams.  Tactics, and some of the sport’s most violent car on car attacks can be witnessed over 2 nights of brutal racing.

A little insight into the world of New Zealand superstock racing can be seen below! Bring on Speedway season!