Monroe’s Slammed Society Showcase just keeps getting better and better with each year going by. This year’s sold out show had a healthy amount of slammed rides never seen before at our previous shows.

What’s the NorthWest without some Subarus?

You VAG fans out there should be able to spot the unique, hand barreled “Manholes” on this clean Scirocco.

This bagged old Ford F150 stood out in many ways, but fit right in when it came to some ground scrapping. It also won our Classic/Muscle group.

On the other end of the spectrum, our VIP winner here is a perfect example of what it means to ride in the lap of luxury.

Winners for our Euro group.

Winners for our JDM group.

Winners for our Track/Drift group.

Winners for our Classic/Muscle group.

And winners for our Slammed group.

Throughout the event we had a few product giveaways, from dance contests…

to just whoever can grab them first.

Back to the cars, it’s not often you see a Z4 M Coupe with such a tight fitment.

Being a drifting event, there was no shortage of clean S chassis’s. The northwest definitely sets a pretty high standard for their builds

And of course, with being so close to the Canadian border, there’s always some rarer Nissans nearby.

Just like all of our other shows, we always have some cleaning products for all show entries provided by Sanctiond.