Words: Mark Arcenal / Photos: Anthony Nguyen

Again I’ll start off by saying we’re very greatful to have such wonderful friends on the Island. Thank you again for making this event possible and making it a huge success. Sooner or later, we’ll be retiring here. Anyways, I’ll recap with

A photo from Honolulu Night Market. The home of the Illest Store which plans to be opening sometime in August. Here’s the crew that helped out this weekend (some arent present) but for the most part, here we are.

A sampling of what we’re launching the store with. All Hawaii exclusives that can only be bought at the store. No other stores will carry nor will our online store. 🙂 Means y’all have to come to the islands to get yours.

Now onto the show / meet.. Lots of cars came early but not that early which was perfect since there was a triathlon going down. Some major calories were burned but not in this photo.

This old school Toyota truck was perfect. Chillin, stock body, a little low.. And in front a pair of 80’s corollas and crx’s..

So the line.. it was pretty long but we got you guys in quick after we finally let people in. So sorry for the wait. At least it wasnt raining! (until later)

The vendor booths were packed all day. Thanks to everyone that vended.

This LS was just awesome. Samson & his crew do such great work. So stoked for them to be on the island.

Old school bmw’s. Anthony and Ola from Fitted brought out their cars. Euro bumpers, Borbets, Rhino leather? damn..

Those 3 again. Damn……

This C-Class made me look at it more than 3x. A very classy car done right.

Grindzzzzzz… Thank you food trucks for coming to the event. Was awesome to have you here and keeping everyone full. Peep that Aloha Kings tee tho..

Fix gear kids rolled thru.

Last years winner. Red E30 with a gigantic motor.

This VW had a nice setup. Only thing I dont like about Air is when the compressors turn on.

Period correct wheels on these vws. Are those Zender wheels??@!!

East 3 doing his thing. Thanks to him and the rest of the guys who put in work. We’ll be auctioning these canvases soon.


Look at that lineup. So clean. Also look at those Rotiforms.. HUGE!

Full view of the Red Wagon on Rotiforms. Looks great.

Hellaflush style

These evos were also nice to look at.

A pair of FRS’s.


I didnt get to take a close look at this one but it looked great everytime I passed by it.

That Bug & S14 tho.. Nice color choice.


Damn. Super Creative.

The following photos are from the winners of the event. Anthony will be posting up features from some of the winners. Thank you again for coming out and hope to see you next year. We’re gonna bring something different to the table so please mark your calendar for it!










East 3 showing his throwy skills

Oh yeah.. we had a BBoy battle. It was packed! Thank you Donovan, Jenn, and Chris for making it happen once again.








Winners of the Illest B-Boy Battle. Video of this up soon.

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