I finally finished going through the shots from SoWo! There were so many nice builds that came down from everywhere around the US and even one rare red Lupo from Mexico – I wonder how long it took him to get to GA!

I gotta say, even though this event is obviously similar in some ways to your usual euro/VAG car show, being in Helen takes it to a whole new level. This small town in the middle of nowhere host over 15,000 people Saturday alone!  Not to mention the thousands of us who made it a huge party through the weekend. The town residents are proud of hosting the event every year and are not planning on stopping; heck! Even the police department suggested adding a “burn-put” section next year to have fun and avoid unexpected accidents. If you’ve never been to Southern Worthesee before, make sure you go next year; I guarantee it is worth every single mile you drive and every dollar you spend.

Coming up next will be Formula Drift at the Wall in New Jersey; can’t wait to be in the middle of tire smoke clouds snapping away with my camera. Follow me @sebasmarin on IG and on Vine (Sebastian Marin) for event coverage and random shots.

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