Weekends are the best. 
But some weekends are even better.

Like clam chowder in a bread bowl,
a beach that’s secluded,
salt on caramel,
your fave musicians…live,

and chocolate covered gummy bears.

When it’s already good, but it can be even better.

My weekend wasn’t just awesome,
it was super awesome.

Friday Nights at OMCA
+ Off the Grid
Señor SisigSuperAwesome: Art and Giant Robot Exhibit and Vinyl: The Sound and Culture of RecordsPure OaklandLeQuiViveThe LayoverKoryo SushiSpicy RamenSpicy Fish SoupBday blowouts for my super awesome girl.
Cheers to the years Ernalyn!#before

#after#truestoryMingalabaParathaRainbow SaladBasil Spicy ChickenHouse Special NoodleCoconut RiceBurmese Style Curry PorkAnd for dessert…Tpumps!

And if you can come thru to
Part 1 of Lady Warrior Zine Release
happening tomorrow at Somar Bar.
For details, click.