Obviously we can’t fly 14+ hours to the Swiss Alps and not get some snowboarding time in. Pretty funny/outrageous since this is literally the third time I’ve ever snowboarded in my life – to say that I’m a novice is um… an understatement. After 30ish minutes of me looking like a total dumbass at St. Moritz, Neil recommended that I get some lessons. It was only after mastering the art of the “t-bar” lift that I could start even shredding. And by shredding, I mean falling on my butt every 3 feet.

When we got to Lenzerheide, I’d already had a full day of practice and there was fresh powder so things were looking up. We hit the bunny slopes and I even got some carving action down! Woohoo!! But I felt really bad for Neil (who was patient enough to move 10 feet down the bunny slopes with me at a time) so we headed to the top of the highest peak so that I could enjoy hot chocolate and he could ride this beast.

Nice and sunny at the bottom, but the top was a whole ‘nother story. So you know: 3,000 meters is the equivalent of almost 10,000 feet. We were all the way up in the clouds – it was freezing with limited visibility and everyone was essentially just propelling themselves off the sides of mountains. No big deal.

Huge thank you to the amazingly talented Craig Wetherby for all the fresh Burton gear. High tech stuff is great if you’ve got prior injuries or are prone to getting hurt – every little bit helps!

Hehehe… HELVETICA. This kept me amused while I inhaled countless hot chocolate drinks and waited for the bf to get back up the mountain.

That peak allllll the way at the top is where we were. Neil’s not that short, the board is just really, really big.

I am absolutely smitten with Switzerland!!! Hopefully this turns into an annual adventure and we can explore all the little towns in the Alps! Thanks TNR for such an incredible time and always putting up with my antics. You rock.