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Function & Form RX7

Very rarely do you find a car which blends both function and form seamlessly. It seems that most people believe you cannot have the best of both worlds, it is something that has always divided the car community. Those who like to use their car for spirited drives and track work cannot seem to grasp…

FD top 16 raw

Here’s raw video of the top 16 rolling in for the FD Long Beach finals. Turn your speakers up and enjoy the revs. I swear you can almost smell the smoke! Click HD! [youtube][/youtube]

Rotary Randomness

Just thought I’d put up some inspiration for Justin Pawlak who’s RX7 was recently stolen but now is working on a new RX7 FD. Aren’t they lovely Justin? Images seen on TakaR32’s blog

Fatlace Driver: Walker Wilkerson

When we look for to sponsor someone its never really from the top down. Sure the top drivers definitely get the most airtime and looks and while going that route is the easiest, most of the time its the most expensive. Another thing is most of the top cars are backed by the corporate world…