When we look for to sponsor someone its never really from the top down. Sure the top drivers definitely get the most airtime and looks and while going that route is the easiest, most of the time its the most expensive. Another thing is most of the top cars are backed by the corporate world who’s sponsors dominate the cars over all look and styling so really, its a tough sell look for us as a brand.

Where we do put alot of effort into are the younger guys, the guys that want it and need it and have the talent. Here’s Walker Wilkerson’s 2010 last season on video shot by his brother Abbitt, who also is going to be sponsored in a different way by us. Walker worked his way all the way thru this past season to grab a Formula Drift license after placing 2nd at the season finale at Irwindale. If you’re a company looking to sponsor some up and coming talent, look here as well as our other drivers, Matt Field and Ian Fournier both of who have their FD License and will be competing next year.