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Fatlace Social Club

This week’s Fatlace Social Club winner is by ryannorris16.  There’s just so many things right about this picture.  The fact I have a soft spot for S2ks doesn’t help either.

Miro’s S2000

A while back S2000 owners screamed blasphemy at the sign of any S2000 having wide wheels or being “HellaFlush” – I am happy they started embracing the stance culture & continue putting out quality vehicles such as this one. Photos Courtesy of Phil Fusco (visit Phil’s Flickr for more pix of this Sick S2K) Ravi…

Time Attack Japanese Car Festival

During the event of Japanse Car Festival there was also Time Attack on the circuit. The Time Attack in The Netherlands has 3 classes, Semi Pro Street, Pro Street and Extreme.. Everybody is always waiting for the extreme clas becasue all the fastest cars will be on the track then. This year there were also…