If you follow drifting, you should be familiar with the awesome videography of Justin Shreeve and Joe Ayala otherwise known as Tandem of Die. When they are not making amazing videos, you will probably find them hanging out with friends, working on their cars, and of course drifting. Over the past year, I have been following their builds and the final result literally made my jaw drop. These cars were driven hard before their transformation and are driven even harder now. While lurking the internet, I have heard talks that these cars were trailer queens and not driven for what they were built for. Obviously the people saying this have no idea what they are talking about as for these cars are driven to every event and then beaten to shit when drifting.

Both of these s chassis sit ridiculously low and were built for the main reason to be driven. You will see them in all shapes and forms. At any given time you might see them beaten and battered, clean as hell, or a good balance between the two. They began as missile cars and will forever be considered missile cars. The last drift event they attended, Shreeve managed to make his rear right fender explode. Here is what it looks like now…

My fondness for 240 hatches and Work VS-XXs work together in perfect harmony on Joe’s 240. If I were to ever decide to build a drift car, it would be something along the lines of this.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled on Youtube and Vimeo for upcoming Tandem of Die videos. Thanks again to Justin Shreeve and Joe Ayala for taking time out of their busy schedules to snap some photos for us.