Here’s one of the coolest VW Things I’ve ever layed my eyes on. Driven to our Offset Kings Japan event like this, it really stood out (Kinda). It was too low to see but when you did walk by and notice it, it stood out like a sore thumb.

Soooo good. Execution was perfect. Smoked lights, matte black accents to match the blue paint. Awesome.

I haven’t seen a chain link steering wheel in super long. I would love this in the USA.

Thanks for repping the brands.

Bottle opener!

Back quarter shot.

Like our previous events in Japan, we call up the 1st place winners on a stage and this event was no different. We were lucky enough to use the thing as our stage for the announcement since our DJ flaked on us for the event. My next post is the actual event itself. Look for it tomorrow..

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