The big day, July 6, 2014. The day has come after numerous schedule and itinerary checks. Offset Kings Japan has finally begun, an event which I always dreamed of since it’s first arrival in Japan.

On that day the Formula D, the 180sx and Rx-7 meet, time attack challenge (WTAC?), a portion which sells parts, BMX runs, RC runs, and more was held in the Fuji International Speedway. The weekend was called the Japanese Motorsports Festival. I have more than 1500+ shots in my camera for this site, lets start with the first 60 photos.

Fresh from our first day in Gotemba to finalize everything for the main event, the whole group stayed in one hotel. Rain started to pour but it didn’t stop us from staying outdoors because of the cars in our hotel parking lot. The 1048 Style boys checked in the same hotel.

Our hotel lot felt like a mini car show.

Check out this very clean 126 on Meisters, straight G.

We took numerous shots of this SC. All night! I won’t go detail on its specs now because I have quick feature on this lined up very soon.

We had a quick breakfast stop at Konbini, some of the cars started to check us out or maybe Teru’s neck breaking Datsun.

We arrived at Fuji Speedway around 5:45 am. The queue for the P15 parking lot was already almost full.

My tasks for that day was to take photos of the cars and do uploads on the official @hellaflush Instagram account.

All kinds of cars were present, check out this GS.

The boys from Sarto Racing also joined us. I felt all the excitement when I finally saw it in person, it sounded awesome too.

Very clean NSX lined up very early for the event.

The HKS 86 demo car was also busy making rounds in the mountain. Boxer music.

A quick dilemma. Should I have took a video or a photo of this?

Majority if the cars scraped during the ingress. All smiles from the drivers.

An evident example that ‘USDM styling’ is starting to grow big  in Japan.

An S14 on 15×10’s. Pretty rare sight.

The VIP boys was also there in full force.

An S13 I saw roaming around the streets of Gotemba, finally I had a chance to take a snap of it. I must say that this particular car struck me in different ways, so much character.

The N-Style boys also arrived in full force. Some of them are fresh from the Idlers race last June.

Very clean Celica.

The infamous AE70 Sprinter with the 20-valve blacktop engine was also present. These guys are very down-to-earth too.


As a fan a big follower of N-Style, I quickly approached them on how to avail some of their parts. Thanks for the stickers!

Beautiful 180sx/Silvia.

Awesome sounding Supra. Will you judge me if I say that this is my first time to see a wingless one in person? Looks neat.

Vans were also present, I also learned that Japan only has the  “van category” for the show.

Toshi Ichiraku, the International Division Director of RWB and part of 1048 Style cruised. Amazing engine sound.

The car’s incredible engine sound screamed “Rough Rhythm” right before my very eyes! Thanks!

Toshi’s 993 had ITB’s on it, I had a quick chat with him on how he plans to put more power on his 300+whp car, more on that soon.


I said it before and i’m saying it again, “you can always pull of a pink VIP build in Japan”.

Another shot of the N-Style S15 and its perfect rear end.

A car that America and Manila lacks, the Mark X.

I also noticed that Toyota and Nissan’s are more commonly modified in Japan than Honda’s.

Very clean Chaser on RPF1’s. The classic bolt-on-fender looks good in majority of the cars I’ve seen in Japan.

Check out this S2000’s wild stretch. He also drove it fast, very fast.

Which styling path would you choose?

I’d go for these. JZX 100’s on Equips, street drift style.

One of the cars I’ve never expected to see in person the Garage Mak S15. People bash it because of it’s wild aero, but hey this is Japan and it’s a full time attack build.

I then asked for the specs of the grey one. Check out these numbers,  9,000rpm revving  2.2-litre SR, 645 hp. 

The NSX from last year’s show was also present.

USDM styling with a Japanese twist, check out his Acura badge.

I’ve seen a few Audi’s in Japan compared to Bimmer’s.

Silvia’s are definitely big in Japan. Good news for me.

I always wanted a set of Kiwami’s for my S15 in Manila to match  the OEM kit, but  it made me think twice after seeing the variety of possibilities.

S15’s are considered ‘grails’ than 13’s and 14’s.

A car that shocked me online 2 weeks before my trip, this S15 was also present at our Daikoku PA meet.

Tra-Kyoto brought in more than 8 cars for the weekend. Miura-San spreaded in out in several events, more on him and his builds soon. I believe is the that this Rocket Bunny RX7 is the third one (1. Mad Mike 2. Black and gold 3. ?) with the new kit.

We quickly took photos of it, uploaded it on our personal accounts and the Hellaflush page. This car went viral.

Clean and simple s2k.

I had a good chat with the 326 power boys, their S15 was present for the event. Ever wondered about his wheel specs? 18×10 all around -37 in the front and -57 in the rear!

Very known for his aggressive kits and suspension tuning,  Haraguchi-San says  that the style of 326 Power is inspired by his street drifting days. The look and feel of the car may not appeal to everyone but he surely paved his way on the Japanese tuning industry.

Rocket Bunny R34 sedan?

This defines a perfect, clean RX-7 FC.

Following his amazing builds I had great chat with Nakagawa Shuichi from Bad Quality in his 180sx, he then explained to me his passion for the scene and how he draws inspiration. What an amazing man, feature on him very soon.

On the ingress, I also had a great chat with  Nozomu Sakai, founder of Motorfix. I then showed him my friend’s KE in Manila.

I’ve seen more than 500 cars that day and this Corolla is definitely in my top 10.

Is it only me who chooses a Levin front over the pop-up?

A photo which shows their passion for the scene, the Japanese are very passionate in what they do. No shortcuts.

I will end this post with this photo. I will be back with the showstoppers/winners from Offset Kings Japan, 2014.

Hope you enjoyed this post.


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