Let me start my first entry here by introducing a little about myself, I am Kevin Carlos from Manila, Philippines. An average car guy and part of the forming crew of  Manila Fitted, expect to see the best of what the Manila car scene has to offer. The launch of Rauh Welt Manila has been the talk of the town this whole year, Car Porn Racing, known for wild v8 swaps and custom builds, brought in RWB here to cater the “needs and wants” of the Filipino’s Nakai-San’s work of art.  Nakai-San will be working on 3 RWB’s this month, a 930 and a 964The first car which is an 993 will also be the first RWB to run air suspension. Its simply amazing how Nakai-san builds his cars, craftsmanship and quality is awesome.Not to mention his character, amazing and friendly.This is the stage for the build. He will finish the first car and start working on the second one this week, fly back to Japan and finish the two cars next week.The owner, Ian King went for the OEM color of his 993 and a set of Work Meister’s. 

 Nakai-san was very particular to the small details. Never I’ve seen a man work this hard on a build.     I will leave you with this photo of RWB Victoria. Stay tuned for part 2.

Kevin Carlos

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